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059 Mya Diamond

060 Angela & Jo

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

There's over 2 hours of footage in this video of the spectacular Mya Diamond. Mya Diamond has hands down the most spectacular body and posture of any model we've ever seen. Not only does she have a perfect body but she also really knows how to pose and show it off. There's also a few oddities about Mya that make her quite unique. You'll either love or hate her unusual facial features with her slanted eyes and narrow facial structure. Like it or not she's super exotic and fascinating to look at. Mya also has an unusual tiny little knob of flesh right in the middle of her anus which you are either going to find fascinating or distracting (you don't see it in the pictures). This is the type of detail that you would probably not see on any other website. If you're buying the DVD you'll be getting 2 disks due to the extra length of the video so as to maintain a high data rate and high quality picture.

Scene 1

Addressing the Ass. ITC Favorite 13:58

There might not be any naked pussy and ass in this clip but damn she's so sexy. Few girls know how to tease like Mya Diamond. It's mostly all about her sexy dress wrapped tightly around her shapely ass. You'll totally melt when you see her dress yanked right up tight all the way through her ass crack and between her legs revealing the full shape of her ass. Several times she pulls her dress so tight it snaps up over her tight ass revealing the prettiest panties you've ever seen. It takes her a long time to actually get the dress off but she looks mighty fine doing it. There's a nice segment of naked breast fondling mixed into the middle of this clip.

Understudy. ITC Favorite 11:42

What could be better than a smouldering hot panty tease followed by a thorough ogle up Mya Diamond's entire naked undercarriage complete with gorgeous ass spreads and jiggles all done standing immediately over your face. Absolutely nothing. First we take several minutes to just soak in the gorgeous bum cheeks undulating in your face while she shows off her beautiful white panties wedged in her bum crack. If you love that magical moment when the panties come down revealing all the goods you'll really be able to soak it in here as she milks it for all it's worth. She rolls down her panties to just under her ass and gives you a good little look up all of her naked parts before pulling her panties up again so she can show you that delicious panty pull down and reveal once again, and again, and again. Panty lovers can get a great view of the inner crotch lining of her panties right next to and under her naked pussy and ass crack all in one shot. Now with her panties permanently down we cram in some serious studying of Mya's completely naked underside. You'll be floored by the sheer perfection of her immaculate ass. The beautiful curves going through her ass crack and crotch are intoxicating and the way they undulate and flow into each other when she moves is stunning. Her ass jiggles are tight and exciting and her spreads are inspiring. Even the creases where her bum cheeks meet her thighs is perfect. The only thing you could call a blemish is a tiny little flap of flesh in that critical spot right in the center of her anus which we prefer to consider a fascination rather than a defect. At the end Mya poses on her knees on the couch with her naked ass in the air and continues to spread her ass and roll her gorgeous curves around in your face. The view up her ass is equally as stunning in this position. By now you should get the feeling we liked Mya Diamond's ass a LOT and so should you.

Couch Potato. 5:12

Mya continues to show off her lovely curves and pretty parts lying on the couch on her side, front, and back, in some very enticing positions. Her pose lying on her side is brilliant and really shows off her ass and crotch area with lots of squirming motion. There is yet another intoxicating view up her squirming ass while lying on her front. If you liked "understudy" this is basically a continuation with relatively similar stuff but with more full body shots.

Knuckle Sandwich. 8:16

Did we mention Mya's got a pretty nice ass? Well she's got a pretty flawless pussy too. Here Mya lies on her back on the couch with her legs spread, knees up, and thoroughly fiddles with her tight, wet, oozing pussy. She jams as many fingers up her tight little pussy as she possibly can. Actually she was trying to fist herself here. Although she never succeeded in getting her entire hand inside her pussy she does get an A for effort as she sinks all of her fingers deep up her pussy to the last knuckle. The beginning part of this clip does show you all of her beautiful naked pussy parts without too many fingers in the way.

Glass Plunger. 11:38

Mya does a full masturbation scene with a glass dildo that's almost as beautiful as she is. Initially she just dabbles the dildo in her pussy fiddling around with it and getting her pussy opened up nicely. This is actually the best part of this clip with lots of open vagina views every time the dildo comes out. She even flexes her pussy muscles lots and there's a lot of really nice flows of girlie juice welling up from deep inside her open vagina and flowing down through her bum crack. For those who enjoy seeing the penetration Mya gets down to some more businesslike masturbation at the end.

Macro Bits. ITC Favorite 9:13

This is all about details, details, details. Specifically the vagina, the clitoris, and the anus. We shrink your head to the size of a grape and stuff it in Mya's privates to shamelessly explore in her most intimate places. We start the exploration in Mya's wide open vagina observing the cum soaked pink cavern flexing open and closed with the action of her pussy muscles. You're going to see nothing but deep vagina walls with glistening gooey feminine folds of vagina flesh surrounding you. It's a vagina lover's paradise. Even her pee hole is open for viewing at times. Next we move up to her clitoris and focus down on details the size of your thumbnail. Mya pulls back on her hood so that her clit stands at attention sandwiched between her fingers. Finally we sneak a close look at her anus as she flexes it in and out. Her finger even sneaks up her anus a little bit while we ogle it. Considering we had to use a very small camera to get this footage the video clarity and stability is perhaps slightly less than usual here.

Scene 2

Pee and Wipe. 3:14

Mya takes a pee sitting on the floor. She is leaning back against the couch while she does it so all of her pretty leaky bits are in clear view. Now since she's sitting in a puddle of pee she has to stand up and wipe her ass. Yes you get to watch a girl wipe her ass after her washroom break, just with none of the nasty stuff. It's all clean and pretty.

Scene 3

Floor Show. ITC Favorite 16:35

Beautiful posture, sexy poses, and graceful motion are all things that come very naturally for Mya Diamond. We decided to give her some space, a whole floor in fact, to just move around strutting her stuff, crawl on the floor, and generally show off her gorgeous body in motion. It's a little like an exotic dancer routine but toned down a bit with more sensual movements. She starts out wearing an impossibly short mini skirt with her bum cheeks half exposed. A low angle view from behind practically reveals everything. There is a nice strip tease, some sexy crawling around on the floor, legs in the air, etc. but it all eventually gravitates towards more mind blowing close up views up her gorgeous naked ass as she jacks it up and down lying on the floor. Once again her ass spreads are spectacular with her anus beginning to open up ever so slightly and the tight little jiggles rippling through her bum cheeks.

Catwalk. 1:27

Every once in a while between shooting scenes Mya would be walking around naked and we'd be gawking with jaws dropped thinking why the hell are we not filming this. So we got Mya to just casually walk around naked for a bit to show off her natural movement. Sometimes even the simplest things are really sexy. In the first 30 seconds Mya is just kind of wandering around the room a bit, but still pretty nice. It took her a moment to understand that we just want to see her walk away from us, which she then does a couple of times. That long dark hair coming all the way down her back to her wiggling ass looks pretty sexy too.

Scene 4

Mya Butt. 5:45

This is Mya getting ready to take a bath but generally getting more distracted with showing you her ass. It's a bit like "understudy" above with a somewhat similar panty tease pulling down her panties several times to show the goods and some really nice ass spreading over your face. She also sits with her ass hanging out over the edge of the bathtub and her well spread bum pushing back into your face. The lighting is a little awkward at times back not so bad that you'll miss anything.

Breaststroke. ITC Favorite 9:36

We tear our thoughts away from Mya's ass for a while to realize she's got some really nice breasts too. She sits in the tub and soaps up her titties and plays with them for quite a long time. They're tight but jiggly, not too big, not too small, all natural, and they sure move nicely. You get the close up breast view from all angles while she fondles them including straight on, from the side, and from underneath. She really knows how to manipulate her tits in the most teasing manner. Her grip is sometimes firm with soft breasts bulging between fingers. She lifts them up and lets them drop and bounce and she jiggles them around with her fingers bouncing them from underneath. This is just about as good as it gets for breast ogling.

Backstroke. 3:53

If we're going to soap up the breasts then it's compulsory to do the same thing with her ass. There's some really sexy little ass jiggles when she loses her grip on her slippery bum cheeks. She also lifts one leg up and gets her pussy all soapy too and then rinses it all off.

Tub Humping. ITC Favorite 19:33

Mya gets down lying on her front in the bath tub and jacks her gorgeous ass up and down in and out of the water for a LONG time. OK, so there's good and bad about this. If you're not totally infatuated with Mya Diamond's amazing ass you could conceivably find this boring and repetitive. We don't understand you. For those under the spell of Mya's magical rear this is the place to lose you mind and be hypnotized by the ever undulating curves of her glistening wet ass (and pussy) as it repeatedly slips under the water and emerges every time with water cascading down her shapely crack. The view is 100% directly up her naked ass 100% of the time with her naked pussy in full view at the same time. We drip liquid soap down her ass crack several times deliberately aiming for her gorgeous anus and then watch as the water makes it flow down through her pussy slit. Mya uses a hand a couple of times to rub the soap out of her bum crack. If the sight of her glistening wet crack and cheeks in motion is not enough to hold your attention then maybe you'll enjoy the frequent anus flexing that Mya entertains us with in between dipping her ass in the water. Your attention will be drawn to the most intimate regions of her bum crack to watch the fascinating action going on in her anus as her anal creases and surrounding area repeatedly get drawn up into her ass. We expect that you should have every inch of Mya's ass committed to memory with an image of her naked private parts permanently imprinted in your grey matter by the time you finish watching this video.

Over and Out. 2:18

There's nothing of particularly special interest in this clip. It's basically Mya getting out of the tub and drying off and an ending to the video for the sake of having an ending. If you're obsessed with Mya Diamond and want to see every last minute of her video footage then here's the rest of it. There's a pretty good ass view in this footage but nothing compared to previous clips.