521 Gracie Glam

522 Lexa

523 Anastasia

Shoot Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

This collection is the first in a series of new shoots in New Zealand. The background scenery is really quite stunning like something out of Jurassic Park with exotic trees, crashing waves and super green rolling hills as far as the eye can see. You may find yourself looking off in the distance in spite of the gorgeous model standing right in front of you. This video wont be so entertaining to those who are only interested in explicit close up views as we focus more on pure beauty and alternate themes atypical to porn. The audio on this collection is a little muffled due to filters to reduce the noise of nearby cicadas.

Scene 1

Flex a Lexa. 7:45

Lexa does a number of flexible yoga poses in front of a beautiful scenic background. There is no nudity in this clip though it is interesting for those who like to admire the fit of some nice tight form fitting stretch pants.

Take a Strip to New Zealand. 6:56

The focus turns away from the yoga poses now as Lexa does a little strip tease. There's some great ass tease in the latter portion of this clip with Lexa's pants and later her thong coming part way down to expose her ass. The close up butt shots are really beautiful with excellent lighting and lots of color.

Yoga Bare. 10:39

Now with all of her clothes off Lexa does some more yoga poses and you gaze upon her bare girlie bits while she flexes in all kinds of revealing ways. The underside view is very interesting when she stands with her legs wide open and bends forward. Some of the poses require considerable balancing talent and are perhaps only partially successful.

Skippity-do-dah-day. 4:17

Lexa's charming personality is quite obvious in this clip as she does some jump rope skipping. Some of this is like a spontaneous flashback to childhood as she playfully sings a few youthful songs while skipping. She takes a quick break to tell us what the Czech songs are about. Later we get a little closer to the action to show the boobs bouncing.

Meadow Lark. ITC Favorite 16:32

Lexa goes for a playful stroll and frolic in the nearby meadows. There's a good amount of walking around and some close up ass in motion views before she stops at a gate to show of her naked undercarriage. Her butt spreading is fantastic along with lots of beautiful butt jiggles as she spreads it and lets it drop. There's a little bit of doggy style posing and then she climbs through the long grass to a swing on the big tree. Some of the swing footage is a little overexposed due to uneven lighting conditions though still very entertaining for those that don't care about technical issues. Lexa's ass looks amazing hanging off the back edge of the swing and we get right down on the ground to get the best viewing perspective on her spread cheeks. Once again Lexa's charming personality is evident throughout this clip.