384 Madison Parker

385 Sophia Sutra

386 Lexi Belle

Shoot Location: Miami, Florida

Scene 1

By the Bootyful See Short. 13:17

Sophia's strip tease video has a considerable amount of attention on her classy pinstriped shorts in the beginning part of this clip. She has a particularly nice way of squatting her ass down and out with a nice little wiggle as if she is about to sit on your face. She chatters a little bit sometimes apparently not talking to anyone in particular other than herself though her voice is very nice and her character seems very pleasant and genuine. The clip ends with a little bit of panty tease with her black lace panties getting pulled out of her crack for a sneak preview of her naked girlie bits. In the full body views the nice outdoor harbour view through the windows is unfortunately a bit overexposed in video due to the limitations of video lighting competing with bright daylight.

The Under Mound Up Writhing. 11:38

With Sophia now naked she displays her beautiful underside as viewed entirely from down low while she wiggles and squirms her pussy and ass over your face. There's an excellent front side view looking up the entire front of her body with her naked pussy mound hovering in the foreground almost humping your face. Her squirming motion is especially sexy from this angle with her hips moving in circles and her smiling face in the background. In the second half she turns to the back and shakes her booty over your face continuing her sexy squirm while playing with her hair at the same time.

Legs Laze Around. 8:54

Sophia gets on the bed and just shows off her naked body in multiple positions. The position squatting with her knees raised and her ass hovering in mid air is especially nice with her naked pretty places squirming out in the open and her face smiling at you in the background. The gorgeous curves in her underside come to life as she sits with her knees up and together and then lifts her ass up with her knees parting. There's some very nice leg tease in the latter part of this clip as we view from a high angle while she moves her legs around in the air.

In the Fiddle of the Afternoon. 8:54

This clip has a very leisurely lazy afternoon feel as Sophia lies back and lightly fingers and fiddles with her pussy. Though the pace is relatively slow it is not boring as she has a really nice squirm in her ass and the view up her private places is pure heavenly. Part way through she turns onto her front to continue rubbing her clit with her ass squirming in your face. There is no climax to this action as it is just a warm up for the following clip.

Sutra Self Girl. ITC Favorite 16:48

Sophia now uses a vibrator on her pussy and she just stays lying on her back with her knees up and concentrates on the sensations. The video still has a relatively relaxed lazy afternoon feel to it though her reactions and moaning appear very genuine with several apparently real orgasms spread throughout this clip. The close up views in her pussy and ass are really beautiful with some sexy squirming and visible contractions in her anus each time she reaches a climax. There's a fantastic view even closer in her privates in which you wont be able to tear your eyes away from her beautiful anus as it flexes in and out increasingly more while the vibrator works on her clit. Even after she is finished with the toy her anus continues to clench for quite some time while she wraps her hands around under her ass and spreads her squirming cheeks for you.