382 Debbie White

383 Lexa

384 Madison Parker

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Bedroom Eyes. 7:07

Initially this clip starts out with a series of full body views while Lexa poses and walks around in the bedroom showing off her amazing figure. She fondles her boobs for a short while and then we move in closer to admire her adorable face and smile. She really has the face of an angel and a smile that could melt a thousand icebergs and we linger on it for quite some time as she flirts with the camera.

Jiggling Lessons. 6:46

This clip is all about boob fondling and jiggling. Part way through Lexa's poised and polished performance breaks down in laughter when she tries to jiggle her boobs without hands and realizes she can't do it. This is perhaps the best part of the clip as her genuine personality comes through and it is quite humorous. In the later part of this clip Lexa bends over and jiggles her dangling boobs which you see from underneath and between her legs.

De Side what you Want. 6:03

Lexa gets on the couch lying on her side in a position that really shows off her amazing curves. She pulls her panties out of her crack and spreads her glorious round ass open wide. This is surely the most perfectly rounded ass you will ever see displayed in a position that enhances her spectacular form for maximum curves. In the close up views you can see her vagina opening right up as she tugs on her cheeks to spread her bits.

Lexa get some Mount in Air. 8:26

Lexa gets up on her knees on the couch and we engage in some serious ass worshipping as she shows it off in bend over and upright positions. There's a number of beautiful ass spreads with two hands and her amazing butt bounces resonate with multiple rebounding jiggles. Several times she squats her ass up and down over your face with her gorgeous undercarriage virtually landing right on your face.

Flirty Inches Away. 7:08

Now lying on her front on the couch Lexa has a beautiful arch in her back with her gorgeous butt squirming in the air. We go back to the close up face shots for much of this clip as she flirts with the camera. Your perspective with her pretty face only inches away also shows her curvy ass squirming around in the background. Unfortunately the camera angle creates a little bit of distortion with her head looking too big yet she still looks super cute and adorable. The last part of the clip is shot from the other end looking up her beautiful spread pussy and ass.

Size doesn't Matter. 12:19

The real action of this video begins now as Lexa uses a slim purple vibrator to get herself off. She does sometimes dip the toy inside her pussy though most of the time she just works it on her clitoris and enjoys the sensations. She starts lying on her side in a position similar to clip 3 which shows off her gorgeous curves with some nice squirming motion. She later goes on her back to finish the job off. She was feeling and looking a little bit tired at the beginning of the clip and yet she ends up totally getting into it with genuine passion. This might be her first release where we can say we believe she really had a genuine orgasm on video, maybe even two or three of them.

Final Touches. 2:06

Lexa lies back on the couch with her knees up and just spreads her pussy lips apart. She keeps her fingers on the outside without inserting them leaving her open pussy completely exposed for your viewing pleasure.