360 Kiera King

361 Peaches

362 Charlie

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

After our 3 year absence from Budapest we hooked up with itc favorite Peaches again for an encore performance. She has gained a little weight since we last worked with her yet she still looks amazing bending over and her performance is second to none.

Scene 1

The Yellow Tone Natural Parts. 14:51

We focus on Peaches beautiful natural boobs for quite a while at the beginning of this clip. Then the shorts come off and we focus in on her lacy yellow panties and her obvious best assets which are all behind her. After the panties come off she flosses her crack with her panties and then spreads her naked and flawless ass over your face. There's some beautiful low angle views of Peaches spectacular ass in full jiggle motion before she ends bending over on her knees.

Cum to the Nude Peach. 5:37

Few models look as amazing bending over as Peaches so we had her stay in this position for her finger masturbation session. Her pussy gets a really good stiff rub with her fingers pressed hard in her slit between her lips.

A Sighed Contract. ITC Favorite 13:43

The masturbation progresses to a big blue dildo now with Peaches lying back on the chair. For a little while it is much like any other dildo scene until she strikes a great pose on her side with her ass projecting out in the air and one leg up. The action is really quite exciting and the views are amazing with her bare and flawless pussy and ass often filling your entire screen. She pumps her pussy in flourishes of activity and in between times she pulls the dildo out and flexes her pussy muscles in your face. This is some of the sexiest pussy muscle flexing we've shot to date and it's all mixed in with some fantastic pussy pumping dildo action. The clip ends with some extreme close up vagina gaping with her fingers holding it open and her muscles still flexing it open and close.

An in Peachment. 5:08

Now you get to see all the way up inside Peaches pussy as it is held wide open with a speculum. The inside view reveals a hint of pussy snot trailing out of her cervix though she is otherwise flawless with pretty pink walls. She has some nice muscle flexing motion happening on the inside. In the second half you see her posing on her knees with her bare ass in the air and her pussy still gaping with the speculum inside. There's another nicely lit inside view in this position also.