358 Dani Jensen

359 Nena

360 Kiera King

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Behind the Iron Curtain. 7:48

Nena's strip tease involves a super tight fitting hot pink dress and though it does not come off yet there are plenty of views looking up her dress with her tiny gold thong panties covering almost nothing. She spends most of this clip spreading her ass in your face and she also pulls the thong aside for a sneak peek at all of her bare private parts with everything spread wide open.

The Russian Front. 4:13

The top half of Nena's dress comes down to reveal her perky youthful titties and we spend this entire clip just ogling her tits while she fondles them. There's a fair amount of nipple fiddling and flicking and some boobie shaking both with and without hands.

The Butt Hole of Stall 'n Grab. 7:48

Nena's dress comes off completely now to reveal an amazingly tight and tidy figure. You can clearly see her little pubic hair strip showing through the front of her gold panties. She then turns around to show lots more spread ass views with her thong pulled aside. There are a couple of outstanding full body front side views mixed in with this footage that clearly demonstrate her immaculate and youthful figure. The clip ends with Nena lying back on the table top with her legs in the air and her naked privates out in the open.

She's Putin out. 5:14

Nena gets busy with a little bit of finger masturbation while lying back on the dining table. She is not very vocal at all although she is certainly quite expressive with her facial expressions and her pussy is often opened up nicely between all the finger dipping action.

So be it Cumunist Dick Taker. ITC Favorite 12:23

The masturbation progresses to an extra long dildo that slips into her pussy with ease. The action heats up with some great two handed dildo pumping action and her pussy starts to juice up with some nice creamy goo gathering around her vagina. She gets progressively more and more gooey as more intense two handed dildo pumping produces a complete flood of girlie goo with her cream swamping her ass crack. This clip is full of fantastic dildo pumping and some great pussy and ass views as her ass lies on the ideal hard platform to get her curves out in the open.

Bore Ass, Yell Some. 14:07

Nena remains lying on her back as the masturbation action moves to the ass. She starts with a small marble pattern dildo and then goes back to the big long dildo sinking it up her ass. There are short segments of footage with Nena lying on her side and on her front though for most of it she lies on her back. She has absolutely no problem getting the big dildo up her ass and she frequently pulls it out to show a huge open gaping ass hole. There's excellent footage here for those who like to see hardcore wide open gaping ass views. She even has gobs of cream visible in her ass hole when the toy comes out. There's some intense two handed dildo pumping in this clip very similar to the previous clip except that the toy is in her ass this time.