1814 Darcy Dark

1815 Olivia Jay & Nicole Kitt

1816 Felice

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

The Beige of Bend Near us. 4:31

Each girl does a mini strip tease to start this video starting with Nicole showing off her body in a beige full lingerie set. Her firm toned booty is an obvious attraction with her smooth near flawless skin. You get a brief intro to her bare ass crack in this clip.

Magenta ma' Jay. 4:18

Also wearing a full lingerie set is Olivia showing off her body in a magenta colour theme. She does a rather different standing thigh and ass twerk and wiggles around quite a lot. There’s also a quick minute of bare pussy and ass to end this mini tease segment.

Let's get Jay Kitt. 10:38

With the panties back on the two girls are now together for a double strip tease. There’s lots of fawning over each other and bend over panty play and naked ass worship though not exactly getting into any real lesbian action at this point.

For Give me Feather Five Sinned. 6:41

The girls take turns dabbling and tickling each others bare asses with a feather. It has a rather relaxed mood and features some very nice close up ass crack views.

Toys for Twats. 12:36

We don’t often shoot girl/girl with toys but this is what inspired these two girls so we go with it. The action is a bit tepid at first as dildos only get inserted from the halfway point. Close up ass and pussy views are nonetheless quite nice at various points throughout this clip.

Choc Lick Cookie. 4:26

Now with the toys gone we get down to some nice dribbly pussy licking with Nicole on the receiving end. Close up views are certainly interesting with a bit of ass hole winking and a stream of robber running down her crack.

Glisten up Ass Oil. 13:36

The girls take turns massaging each others butts with lots of baby oil. This was a no brainer as dark skin looks amazing all glistening in oil. The close up shots with glistening ass and pussy filing your screen are perhaps the highlight of this video.