1752 Lea Guerlin

1753 Penelope Woods

1754 Lulu Love

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

A Frayed of the Woods. 8:18

Penelope has a very sexy outfit with her thigh high boots leading up to healthy bum hanging out of her short jean skirt. The upskirt shots are quite delightful thanks to her ample cheeks and frayed hemline creeping up half over her bum.

Oh Snap. 8:00

Now without the skirt her mostly see through body suite with snap on crotch becomes the main prop for teasing ass views. A bit of manipulation often lets her naughty bits spill out a bit. Her bend over posing is really fantastic with beautiful thick curves surrounding the crotch material.

See it All Crackin’. ITC Favorite 14:47

With the crotch now unsnapped Penelope’s bare pussy and ass are completely out in the open for full on inspection. Once again her bend over and squatting poses over your face are super nice showing off a beautifully voluptuous undercarriage. She might have the best jiggly ass bounce of any model as is beautifully displayed with multiple ass spreads and drops on top of your face. Views become more graphic towards the end as she lies on her front with the legs wide open spreading everything for close up inspection.

Boot it Outta Here. 7:53

We take a little interlude to wander around in the outdoors portion of this set. It is somewhat of a reset to the tease with the crotch snap connected again at first before getting bare bottomed again. Though it is not really a walking scene Penelope does wander around a fair amount showing her butt in motion from time to time.

Dribble Trouble. 1:00

Penelope tried doing a pee scene although she only manages a little trickle. More interesting is the fantastic position with a very wide spread bend over pose.

Going Back Woods. 12:11

Penelope uses a fairly small dildo to give herself a good fucking in the ass. There’s lots of slobber lubing up this butt. Her best pose is lying on her front with the legs wide open showing off her jiggly backside at it’s best. There’s also some pretty interesting finder dabbling in the ass in the last few minutes.