1725 Kiarra Kai

1726 Allie Addison

1727 Chloe Temple

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Full Lips Surprise. 13:57

It is quite a pleasant infinity pool setting under clear blue skies with Allie stripping out of her green bikini. She has quite a noticeable bulge in her crotch hinting at the thick lips which are about to be revealed. She does get fully nude within the first 5 minutes of this video leaving the remainder of this clip to just ogle her bare naked private places. As you will see, every ounce of fat on this tiny girl went to her pussy lips and it goes to good use. The jiggle of her lips when she flicks her fingers over them is quite interesting and unique.

A Slim up Bar. 6:50

We get some pretty interesting views from behind with Allie sitting on the stools in the pool. The stools are also nicely positioned for her to squat mid air over your face giving a very exposed view up her underside.

Use a Full Lips Screw Driver. 6:36

Allie uses a rather bulky looking smurf coloured rubber dildo to fuck herself on the deck chair. Though the shaft is as big as her wrist it seems to go in with relative ease. She ends up humping the dildo frontside to bring the action to a climax.

Pool a Quick One. 2:41

This is a fairly brief postlude with Allie in the pool. There’s a little bit of ass up shots and playing in the shallow water before she swims off to end the video.

Pool a Quick One - 3D. 3D info 3:04

This 3D clip is the identical footage to the similarly named clip above.