1698 Lilu Moon & Riley Anne

1699 Kiara Cole

1700 Adrian Hush

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

This was actually the first video we ever shot of Kiara but we delayed it’s release for quite a long time. She is certainly rather more charming in this video than in later shoots with lots of smiles and personality.

Scene 1

It's Cole in here without Panties. 16:48

Kiara was missing the matching panties to her best outfit so we just shot it anyways minus panties. Though this is supposed to be a tease video you do get to see some nude pussy and ass almost right off the bat and throughout the clip. She is exceptionally good looking and so we do have a really decent close up face shot in the early going of this video. There follows a plethora of revealing semi-clothed posing with a lot of up skirt viewing, bend over, lying and crawling shots.

The Kiara Bares. 6:09

Kiara is now all nude except for the fishnet socks which remain on. More obvious now is the fantastic arch of her back in various squatting positions. Normally Kiara can get away with doing virtually nothing by virtue of being drop dead gorgeous but in this video she really shines with excellent posing and engagement with the camera.

Fuck Cole Happening. 9:20

Kiara uses a purple dildo while lying back on the couch to fuck herself. The foreground action is nice and her pussy and ass are fabulous although her beautiful face in the background will attract your attention as much as the naughty bits.

A Whimsical Wander. 4:14

Kiara does a nude parade back and forth in the front entrance area of the house. She starts out all composed and elegant but the mood soon turns playful and goofy with intermittent pirouettes and jumps.

3D. 3D info 14:19

This 3D video has all content similar to the first two clips above.