1660 Shalina Devine

1661 Aislin & Lilu Moon

1662 Sky Pierce

Shoot Location: Malpais, Costa Rica

Scene 1

I Tease you a Lilu bit. 5:52

Lilu does a little solo tease first with her beige and blue thong not hiding much. She gets all the way down to fully nude for a nice intro to her immaculate pussy and ass.

Room and a Mini Tease. 4:32

Aislin repeats the solo tease almost the exact same as Lilu did. The camera lens progressively fogs up a little bit in this clip due to location humidity though it is still clear and watchable if only a bit desaturated.

This Canopy Happening. 7:59

Now with the two girls together and the bra and panties back on they take turns stripping each other off. They have a little bit of a go at licking the naughty bits although there is no real lesbian action yet.

Costa Rica Cheekas. 7:41

They move onto the bed but there is no lesbian action at this point as the focus is entirely on bare pussy and ass ogling with a lot of side by side posing. If you like the idea of a collage of pussy and ass and more pussy and ass all filling your view you will get that here with multiple positions piling as much female private parts as possible into a small space right in front of your face.

Licky Lilu. 10:43

The lesbian action starts in this clip with Lilu on the receiving end throughout this entire clip. She gets a real good asshole licking and then in doggy style her ass is nicely exposed while getting her pussy eaten from below. Aislin also gets her face sat on for another interesting asshole licking segment. Finally in the missionary position the girls bring the action to a quite intense climax with some more aggressive pussy licking.

Clean up on Aislin One. 10:15

The action is reversed now with Aislin being on the receiving end. It’s virtually identical to the previous clip with all the same positions.