1624 Melody Wylde

1625 Jewelz Blu

1626 Lilu Moon

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

What Just Blu in? 9:24

Jewelz takes the blue theme to the extreme with hair as bright blue as her skirt. Her outfit is something like a sexy cheerleader with a delightfully short skirt that allows for some easy upskirt views. Her crop top is equally skimpy as it fails to fully cover her boobs. Her top never comes off but it always gives a teasing under boob view while the rest is quite easily seen through the semi transparent material. Up skirt views are the primary order of the day while her white lace panties hide the minimum and finally come off near the end.

Blues Will Ass. ITC Favorite 14:07

Now still wearing the entire outfit minus the panties we concentrate almost exclusively on beautiful up skirt views and bare pussy and ass worship. The clip includes some of the best floor angle views as she stands over your face with her bare ass hanging out the bottom of her skirt. She then moves onto the chair to squat backwards with her ass hovering over your face. Also included is some beautiful ass spreading and fiddling while on her stomach with the legs wide open. Minus a few small bruises Jewelz has a fabulous ass that gets tons of attention in this clip with virtual non stop views looking up her bottom end.

Cock a Doodle Blue. 8:43

Jewelz uses a large blue dildo to fuck herself while still wearing the skirt and top. The dildo seems to snag a little in her vagina from time to time but there’s still lots of beautiful penetration. The best views come when she hangs her ass off the edge of the ottoman. You’ll love how she rams the toy hard and deep into her pussy and the moment of climax.

Scene 2

Here's what Jewel do. 13:24

This is footage from an entirely different day and location including everything from strip tease to nude posing to finger masturbation. You will see that she has her own distinctive style with a very similar kind of outfit in a different colour. This time she gets fully naked in very short order and wastes no time in showing you all of her naked places. The finger masturbation is done all lying on her front with her ass jacked up giving optimum views up her bottom side while she does it.