1616 Lexa

1617 Demi Sutra

1618 Emma Hix

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

I'm a Green with this. 7:55

It is debatable whether Demi’s super short dress is in fact a dress or just a long shirt that kind of covers her ass. Regardless it easily creeps up with her every move exposing her perfectly sculpted ass in a small lace thong panty.

Look up Demi. 11:40

The up skirt shots continue now without the panties allowing a detailed inspection of her naked assets to begin. She spends several minutes standing over your face spreading her cheeks and lips. Soon after she gets up on the table and removes the dress to display her body fully nude the rest of the way. She has the most beautifully toned ass with tight curves and flawless skin.

Feeling Jaded. 13:16

Demi fucks her pussy and then her ass using a green stone dildo. She has quite an enthusiastic fuck session particularly in the pussy. We get some beautiful close up ass hole shots with her anus glistening after the toy comes out.

Tight Ass the Roamin’ Enterer. 10:36

Demi uses the large foyer area to parade back and forth showing her body in motion. At first while wearing the dress she just meanders around and has a few playful moments. After she gets naked she has a few more full speed walks with her bum in full motion with a beautiful wiggle. The lighting for this segment is all from available house lighting instead of professional studio lighting and thus all from above which is a bit less satisfactory than normal.

Scene 2

Pee your Shelf. 2:02

Demi lies flat on her back on the bathroom counter as she tries to pee into the sink only marginally successfully. Perhaps more interesting in this clip is the butt shot and clean up at the end as she wipes her butt with a towel.