1581 Stacy Cruz

1582 Maria Rya

1583 Demi Sutra

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Lacy Gray. 8:15

Maria spends quite a bit of time rolling around in her one piece lacy lingerie before she even thinks about stripping off. The view is rather eye popping when she bends over showing her super tight and tidy underside with only minimal lace fabric in her ass crack.

A Crack Attic. 12:07

With Maria all nude now she stands over your face and then gets on the bed with her naked assets in your face most of the time. Her ass and pussy are remarkably smooth without even the slightest hint of stubble anywhere. She is the ultimate model for those who enjoy a super tidy slit with no hint of protruding meat curtains on the pussy.

Rya Russian me? 6:38

This finger masturbation scene starts out with slow pussy fondling and gradually increases in intensity. The best parts have her in a crab walk position with her ass hanging beautifully in your face. It’s not really orgasmic but this serves as a warm up for the following action.

I Cum Bearing Gold. 9:03

Now with the addition of a gold vibrator the masturbation continues and becomes a little more involved. Though she has a pretty tight pussy we sometimes see a bit of open vagina whenever she pulls the toy out of her pussy. Just when you think she might be done she starts up again and fucks herself in a very nice bend over position to end the video.