1293 Salena Storm

1294 Nina Sunrise

1295 Lily Adams

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Azure Dream Girl. 15:01

The colours of this set are especially nice with matching blue accents in the location and the lingerie contrasting against the pure white concrete walls. The attention soon turns to Nina’s fantastic ass and remains there through not only this clip but the entire video. Her panties enhance her bum curves very nicely and thus remain on through most of this strip tease. The attention really is on the lovely shapes around her full bottom as viewed from multiple angles. There’s a little bit of bottomless nudity at the end with the panties down around her thighs.

Mooning Sunrise. ITC Favorite 18:26

With Nina now naked the non stop ass worship continues through this entire clip. There’s all manner of revealing ass poses with action that includes butt spreading, anal flexing, twerking and crawling. Her bend over twerk has just the right amount of jiggle and weight to it while being slow enough to focus on. She is pretty talented with her butt hole muscles as her anal winking is especially prominent. There’s one very nice close up shot right in her ass crack while she lies on her front complete with lightly jiggling cheeks surrounding the view and a winking anus in the middle. All butt shots included this would be one of the most comprehensive ass worship videos we’ve had in a while.

Tail me about it. ITC Favorite 15:58

Nina’s ass now sees a little bit of action with the addition of fingers and ball/string toys. It is essentially all still ass worship with the finger and toy insertions just being a decorative element. She doesn’t exactly get off on the anal masturbation but it is super sexy regardless with things stuck right in her booty hole. The ball and string toy gives her a little wiggly tail sticking out of her anus which she twerks around before pulling it out. You get some pretty decent views of the ball slowly emerging out of her anus on more than one occasion. Once again the clip ands with a beautiful close up ass crack shot while she lies on her front and winks her butt hole in your face.