1065 Antonia Sainz

1066 Dakota Skye

1067 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

For your Dining Pleather. 10:18

The initial posing in the dress doesn’t really reveal that much other than a few up skirt views. You might at first think she doesn’t have a lot of curves but this clip gives a little hint of the magic that is to come in the following clips. When we get in close you see a little hint of her bush spilling out from under her panties.

Muff be Nice. ITC Favorite 13:12

With this all nude posing you will quickly surmise that this girl looks much better naked. Her pussy is stunning and her light furry bush is quite spectacular and a real breath of fresh air. There’s just enough hair to give full coverage without obscuring any of the details of her pussy lips. You’ll love the way she squeezes her pussy lips together making them bulge prominently. The clip ends with an excellent view from underneath as she sits backwards on a chair with her ass hovering out in mid air.

Hair she Cums. 10:34

Dakota uses a big vibrator on her pussy while lying back on top of the table. There’s a few position changes including lying on her side, doggy style and finally squatting crabwalk style with her butt hovering in front of your face. There’s probably a couple of real orgasms in this footage. At the end you can see her pussy juice glistening between her pussy lips.

Scene 2

Give Fur the Finger. 11:31

Dakota has a completely different look in this video as it was shot a few weeks earlier and with no professional make up. Once again her furry pussy takes centre stage with the lips being revealed early on in the tease and being manipulated under probing fingers throughout the rest of the clip. Her lip squeezing beautifully displays the full meaty thickness of her lips. She soon rubs her pussy to a quick climax using just her fingers. At the end she turns around to pose doggy style with her knees on each arm of the chair bringing her legs really wide apart.