985 Lauren Crist

986 AJ Applegate

987 Amirah Adara & Alexis Brill

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Bigbutt Sighting. 12:28

AJ’s big butt fits like a glove in the seat of the stool with her wide curves almost flowing over. She teases for a while with her skirt coming up giving a hint of a panty view. Her curves seem even wider after the skirt is off as she sits on the stool again wearing only panties and a matching crop top. There’s a little introduction to her nude crack at the end with the panties coming down to just under her ass.

A Big Ass Ho Exhibit. 10:02

Now naked AJ sits on the stool once again showing off her super wide ass curves before getting up on the counter top. She strikes a great pose lying on her side showing off her back and ass with monstrous curves dominating the view. There follows a beautiful underneath shot as she squats backwards over your face spreading her ass.

Counter Mounter. 9:59

AJ rides our new dildo mount giving you a great reverse cowgirl perspective. She also turns around to ride it facing forward in a crab walk position. She finishes it off once again in reverse cowgirl position giving you the best view up her butt while she humps the dildo to a climax. She gets a pretty nice twerking butt jiggle going near the end.

Gizmo Gossip. 1:31

AJ was the first girl to use our custom made dildo mount gizmo. In this behind the scenes outtake she gives her feedback on how she liked it. There’s some off camera film crew voices in this clip and some casual banter showing a little bit of AJ’s personality.

Inside'r Information. 6:02

AJ’s verbal comments are quite interesting in this speculum scene as she sees inside her vagina for the first time. There are quite a few medium range shots showing her face and her well lit cervix at the same time.

Scene 2

Nice Wetter Today. 1:23

Now outdoors AJ takes a pee while squatting on the lawn. It’s not much more than a dribble though there is some nice chatter and personality throughout.