977 Candice Dare

978 Angel Piaff

979 Luna Star

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Lip Hole Suction. 12:54

Angel has quite the beautiful satin blue bra and panty set, except that she has a huge rip in her panties right in the most critical spot. We shot it like this anyways as it has some unusual intrigue a little bit like crotchless panties. You may find it quite arousing how her rather large pussy lips bulge literally busting through her panties as she lifts her legs up together in the air. She even pulls her lips out through the hole in her panties.

Putting around on the Green. 14:37

This is all nude posing on the bed with plenty of pussy and ass spreading in various positions. The first few minutes features some great ass spreading while she squats backwards in your face. Then while lying back on the bed with legs up she fiddles with her pussy and pries all the bits open for some explicit examination. She ends up lying on her stomach with her legs open and her butt jacked up in the air giving some excellent views up her pussy and ass while she spreads her pussy.

Dry Harder. 15:11

Angel was perhaps not as moist as we might have ideally liked but it doesn’t seem to impede her from doing a pretty decent masturbation show with her vibrating dildo. Her big thick lips are the star of the show with thick meat beautifully wrapping around the toy and splaying open as she pulls the toy out of her pussy and rubs it through her slit. She spends much of the time with her ass hanging off the edge of the bed giving an excellent view of her butt cheeks and pussy lips at the same time. It takes some effort to bring the action to a climax and though the contractions are not seen she does squirm around with quite obvious pleasure as she reaches a climax.

That Asshole has a Probelem. 8:07

Angel uses the same toy again but this time in her ass while lying on her front and on her side. The toy doesn’t last all that long but the best parts of this are when she uses just her fingers to probe her ass hole. Her positions are excellent getting her ass out in the open for some great up the ass views. She even handles herself like a bowling ball with her thumb up her ass and her fingers up her pussy.