978 Angel Piaff

979 Luna Star

980 Christiana Cinn

Shoot Location: Rancho Mirage, California

Scene 1

Take the Short Cut. ITC Favorite 19:26

Luna’s cut off jean shorts are pretty extreme with almost nothing left of the material and only a thin seam running through the full length of her ass crack and crotch. Her shorts are so skimpy that you can pretty well see her pussy lips hanging right out of her shorts when she bends over. Clearly she has got a great ass and you get some pretty revealing glimpses of her stunningly gorgeous pussy lips even though the shorts don’t come off just yet. There’s lots of crawling action and excellent bend over posing throughout this strip tease clip. She certainly knows how to twerk her ass around and move about seductively, all the while with her pussy and ass virtually hanging out of her shorts. There are moments with her jean shorts pulled completely aside to bare the pretty bits and there’s a great bare ass spread at the end as she pulls her shorts down.

Star of the Show. 14:56

With Luna now completely naked we take lots of time to examine her beautiful undercarriage with lots of slow twerking, dancing, bend over posing and crawling motions. She has surely one of the prettiest pussy and ass packages with silky smooth tanned skin and thick meaty pussy lips. Towards the end there’s some excellent close up views as she spreads her pussy and ass while lying on her side on the couch.

Cum and Go. 9:40

Luna uses a heavy duty vibrator to bring herself to some pretty interesting climaxes. There’s some very distinct muscle contractions in her vagina and anus as she reacts to the vibrations. We get a real good view of her ass as she lies on her side with her butt spread open and her anus winking at you. She eventually brings herself to a squirting orgasm with yellow streams running down over her ass cheeks.