973 Paula Shy

974 Sabrina Banks

975 Suzie Carina

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

A Thong by Thabrina. 8:40

Sabrina takes her time getting out of her string bikini bottom, though it doesn’t hide too much. She doesn’t seem so curvy at first, until she bends over and then you will be stunned with how shapely she is on the under side.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bare. ITC Favorite 4:49

Sabrina is completely naked now and she soon bends over and puts her stunningly beautiful pussy and ass in your face. Her features are really firm and clean but with a light dusting of peach fuzz hair on her ass cheeks. After spreading her pussy and ass in your face she then lies down on her front offering a beautiful view up her ass while she bounces it around. Even with her legs together you still see all the way up her ass crack with her pussy fully in view as well.

Beaten Bank and Blue. ITC Favorite 8:10

Sabrina’s dildo masturbation scene has a couple of really excellent positions to show off her pussy and ass. She starts lying back with her legs up and together with the pussy well out in the open. In the second half she hangs her ass off the edge of the chair letting all the pretty places dangle in mid air while she fucks herself. The tight ass curves are especially nice in this position with excellent light filling the crack. She maintains the position after she is done with the toy and she dabbles her fingers in her pussy and sucks them fresh out of her pussy.

Jaunty Walker. 2:24

Sabrina has a short stroll along the runway beside the pool first wearing her bikini and then naked except for the shoes. It’s pretty brief but gives a little glimpse of her figure in motion.

For your Eyes Oily. ITC Favorite 6:08

There’s some amazing bend over wet pussy and ass shots in this jacuzzi scene. Sabrina applies massage oil on her ass making the water all bead up on her oily skin. You’ll love how the water scatters in crazy streams over her oiled up ass as we pour glasses of water over her butt cheeks. There’s some pretty strong reflected light filling her ass crack making her wet skin glisten in the light.

Scene 2

Micro Soft Short Wear. 5:37

Sabrina has a different look in this scene as it was shot on a different day and in a different location. Her tight little shorts really hug her ass curves beautifully and it’s very nicely displayed in both standing and bend over positions. The shorts then come off and there’s plenty more beautiful booty wagging with just her panties on. She also pulls her panties aside towards the end giving a nice little introduction to her bare ass crack.

Rubbing Banks. ITC Favorite 5:42

With Sabrina now naked she leans back in the chair and puts her legs straight up giving a stunning view of her gorgeous pussy and ass. Before long she gets into a very revealing bend over position and starts rubbing her pussy. Bend over poses have never looked so good as Sabrina’s undercarriage looks absolutely spectacular with her tidy curves and private places thrust well out in the open.