972 Jillian Janson

973 Paula Shy

974 Sabrina Banks

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Green and Bare it. 12:48

The first thing you cannot help but notice with Paula is her long luxurious hair which she twiddles with her fingers while making some sexy eye contact. She spends quite a bit of time fondling her boobs and looking somewhat bashful about it. Her shy smile is really quite charming. If you like thigh gap you’ll get tons of that here with a huge space between her legs and a butt crack that naturally stays open. Her shorts come off with a few minutes remaining revealing her checker pattern thong panties.

Shy Bits. 11:36

With Paula now fully naked we get some very revealing low angle views from both the front and the rear as she stands over top of your face spreading the girlie parts. With one leg up on top of the glass railing we get a real good look at her underside while she lightly touches her pussy. She then moves onto the chair and poses with her legs up while spreading her pussy lips open. In the last third of this clip she moves into the bedroom to pose on the bed with lots of bend over spreading and lying on her front to show off the view up her butt and pussy.

What a Shy Stir. 6:38

Paula’s finger masturbation is at first mostly just light pussy rubbing while lying both on her back and on her front. When she turns onto her front her position seems to make her pussy lips fatter with thick pussy meat enveloping the fingers rubbing in her slit. The action picks up quite a bit later on although not likely involving any real orgasm.

Paula Fast One. 6:55

With the addition of a clear rubber dildo the action is once again quite light at first and then picks up considerably later on. After she is done with the toy there’s a nice little dribble of pussy juice that seeps out of her vagina.

Why Dangle View. 1:43

This brief postlude shows Paula just dangling her pussy and ass in your face in a backward leaning crab walk position. There’s quite a sexy little squirm in her ass making her underside undulate nicely in front of your face.