896 Jada Stevens

897 Chloe Amour

898 April Blue

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Take your Chloes off. 10:37

New model Chloe is a real charmer with her constant smile and flawless body. Her tight fitting skirt is quite a tease as it hugs her curves beautifully and still affords a nice glimpse of her panties from underneath. You'll love the way her crotch bulges under her panties as she leans back on the chair hugging her knees. Then with her legs spread open she tugs on her panties pulling them up in her pussy lips and pulling them aside revealing her immaculate form and flawless skin. Near the end she stands with her ass to your face, pulls her panties down and spreads her rear to expose all of her private places for inspection.

That's Amour Like it. 14:11

Now nude from the waist down Chloe bends over on her knees to show off her underside in explicit detail. There's a beautiful underneath shot as she squats backwards on the chair with her butt hovering over your face. She then turns around to sit leaning back in the chair and spreads her pussy lips wide open with the bright pink of her open pussy contrasting against the darker complexion of her skin. Her top finally comes off in the second half of this clip with some full body standing poses revealing her full naked form. She ends up bending over across multiple chairs showing off her amazing underside with beautiful curves bulging in your face and flawless dark skin dominating your view.

I Flawless Cumming. ITC Favorite 7:54

Chloe's toy for this masturbation scene has quite a slim tip with a brushlike pad on the end which she uses to stimulate her clitoris. She spends most of this scene with her ass hovering in mid air off the edge of the chair. The position gives a fantastic view of her stunning undercarriage with flawless ass cheeks well exposed and moist pussy lips glistening in the light. Some of the best views come after she is done with the toy as she uses her fingers to dabble in her pussy and then sucks her juices off of her fingers. The pussy and ass on display here are truly stunning with absolute perfection of form and complexion dangling right in your face.