846 Vicki Chase

847 Jessa Rhodes

848 Ria Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Rhodes Scholar. 11:34

There's plenty of leg tease in the beginning of this scene with the beautiful Jessa flaunting her silky smooth legs in a short skirt. Before long we are gazing upon one of the most beautiful butts we have shot with a nice pair of lacy black panties enhancing her curves. The perfection of her silky smooth skin of abundantly obvious even with her panties still on.

Under Exposed. 5:07

Now with her panties off we move in for a detailed up the ass view from below as she stands over your face wiggling and spreading her flawless rear end. There's also a very nice low angle front side view at the end with Jessa spreading her lips and showing off her sexy details.

Up Lie for a Desk Job. 6:37

Jessa lies on top of the desk showing off her immaculate underside in several positions with some occasional pussy rubbing, butt spreading and booty bouncing. Her top remains on but pulled right up over her boobs essentially exposing the entire package of feminine bits. Her poses lying on her side are quite impressive with her beautiful undercarriage well exposed.

Smooth over I'm Cumming. 6:15

Jessa lies on her back with her legs spread high and wide as she starts masturbating. The position is extra enticing and revealing for a great display of one of the prettiest pussies on the site. After some initial pussy rubbing action she gets out her heavy duty vibrator to dial up her arousal to the point of orgasm.