845 Charlyse Bella

846 Vicki Chase

847 Jessa Rhodes

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Storm Chaser. 18:44

This is one very enticing strip tease with plenty of nudity in the latter half as we explore Vicki's beautiful body in detail. She is certainly a pro that knows how to move and show off her body. She has the most silky smooth ass and a truly gorgeous anus worthy of extensive ogling. Her bend over poses on the floor are really excellent with a beautiful slow motion ass wobble bringing her curves alive.

I Wand to Cum. 10:11

Now on the bed Vicki gets busy with a heavy duty vibrator and has several fantastic orgasms with some quite noisy sound effects and visible contractions. First she does it lying on her back with her legs in the air and then she turns over and repeats it in a doggy style position giving an ideal view up her ass while she cums. Finally she returns to the first position for a third and fourth orgasm.

A Fistful of Hollers. 12:18

Cindy Starfall joins Vicki in this clip to quite literally lend her a hand. Vicki continues using the vibrator while Cindy fists her pussy. It takes her a while to get it fully inside but she eventually buries her entire hand up Vicki's pussy all the way to the wrist. There's some heavy duty screaming in the heat of the action which continues longer than you might expect. Vicki's cries of "take it out" somehow get interpreted as "fuck me harder" and yet Vicki rolls with it and the action gets more passionate. Later Vicki turns to a bend over pose and she gets fisted even deeper with excellent views of her underside in action.

Scene 2

Pissing in the Wind. 1:16

Vicki takes a pee while standing on the balcony with one legs up on the railing exposing her underside. It's a bit of a blustery day with hurricane Isaac brewing 100 miles off shore at the time of this shooting.