824 Ria Rodriguez

825 Bailey Ryder

826 Bailey Ryder

Shoot Location: Orvieto, Italy

The setting for this collection is one of the most beautiful we have shot with the quintessential Italian winery in the background and an amazing sunset developing through the duration of the video.

Scene 1

Limb Long and Prosper. 6:33

Bailey looks really stunning parading around in her super short and elegant dress. She walks back and forth multiple times showing off her figure in motion both with and without the dress. With the dress on you can't help but notice the beautiful legs. It's not long before it becomes obvious that she is wearing no panties. Then the dress comes off and we see the fully naked body in stride complete with jiggling boobies and wiggling hips.

Wine Cuntry. ITC Favorite 18:11

We restart from the beginning now on the patio for a proper strip tease with the dress back on and white lacy panties underneath. There's some very enticing glimpses of her panties as she sits down and moves her legs around. The panties don't last particularly long as we are soon examining her naked pussy and ass while she leans back on a small table with her legs in the air. She then moves onto a larger table and we spend the duration of this clip just enjoying her naked feminine areas while she poses in the most revealing positions. She takes a little break from the spreading to sample some of the grapes sitting nearby and she dabbles them on her pussy before eating them.

Sigh 'n Friction Ryder. 6:12

Bailey uses a small pink vibrating toy on her pussy while lying back on the table top. She uses it mostly inserted in her pussy with some pumping action. Her position lying flat on her back with her legs spread in the air exposes her undercarriage very nicely for some very enticing views.

Polish off a Butt Hole. 8:06

Bailey now uses the toy in her ass while lying on her side with her spread ass thrust out in your face. The lighting is very nice with every pore of her skin glistening in the light in the close up views.

Best Bead Gone. 4:48

Bailey stuffs a long string of red pearls up her ass and then poses doggy style with the pearls just dangling out of her ass. She slowly pulls them out and then poses lying on her side showing off her bare ass in your face once again to end the video.