823 Lexi Bloom

824 Ria Rodriguez

825 Bailey Ryder

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

A Hall of a Tease. 10:46

Our attention is focused squarely on Ria's sexy jean shorts for the first half of this strip tease video. They outline her big butt curves very nicely when she tugs up on the back of them. The second half of this pays a lot of attention to her beautiful black lacy panties and a great tease with her fantastic voluptuous ass curves.

A Ria Big Butt. ITC Favorite 9:21

With Ria now fully naked we take the time to just soak your brains in her spectacular ass. Her butt crack just naturally hangs open in spite of the big cheeks surrounding it. There's also some very explicit pussy spreading with her vagina gaping wide open. Her bend over posing on the floor is quite spectacular with amazing curves and all the pretty places well out in the open for a thorough ogling.

Halling Ass. 3:43

Ria shows off her figure in motion as she walks back and forth in the hallway. Most of this is shot in full body view but there is also a couple of great close up shots of her ass in motion.

Go up the Ria Grande. 3:24

With Ria now squatting backwards on a chair we go down under her ass for a great view up her pussy and ass. She does some excellent pussy spreading with her vagina gaping wide open and a little drip of pussy juice clinging to her clitoris.

Ria Rod Greases. 9:04

Ria uses a really long rubber dildo in this masturbation scene while lying back in the chair with her legs up. Part way through she positions her knees together with her legs in the air and her ass hanging out on the edge of the chair. The positions displays her amazing ass curves beautifully while she continues to pump her pussy with the dildo. With a little bit of hard and enthusiastic pumping action she eventual develops a nice little trickle of creamy pussy juice that flows down to her anus.