820 Casey Calvert

821 Vicki Chase

822 Erica Fontes

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

You look Marble Ass. 16:04

Vicki wears no panties underneath her super short dress giving quick and easy access to view her bare girlie parts. We spend a good long time just ogling and worshipping Vicki's super smooth and flawless ass. She has one of the most beautiful ass cracks on the site and we give it the extra special attention it deserves. Her poses lying on her side and her front give a beautiful display of flawless ass with skin as smooth as silk and beautiful curves flowing in all directions.

No Mexicums a Loud. ITC Favorite 19:20

Vicki's masturbation session is quite long and extensive with several different orgasms in a few different positions. She gets quite noisy as she writhes to an orgasm with the vibrator jammed hard against her clitoris. After we reminded her about the neighbours subsequent orgasms are a little less noisy but still equally as intense. Her second position lying on her side shows a great display of wide ass curves with her butt spread wide open. You can see the gooey moistness starting to gather in her vaginal slit after a few orgasms, especially when she dabbles her finger in it and pulls out a big string of glistening cum. Finally she turns onto her front to give you a great view up her silky smooth ass crack while she vibrates her pussy to yet more wonderful orgasms. Her twitching motion is quite exciting as she writhes to her orgasms with considerable passion.