819 Tracy Delicious

820 Casey Calvert

821 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Ludwig van Butt Haven. 12:06

Casey's tease lasts for quite a while with the dress still on as she moves around on the couch and gives some nice up skirt views. Then with the dress off there's a bit of panty posing and finally she pulls her panties down around her thighs giving a very enticing introduction to her bare pussy and ass while leaning back on the couch with her legs in the air. She spreads her pussy very nicely at the end of this clip.

Casing the Joint. 5:56

Now fully naked on the couch Casey gives you a very explicit eyeful of pussy and ass with lots of spreading and graphic close ups. Her pussy opens up beautifully revealing a big gaping cavern in her vagina.

A Calvert Operation. 11:00

Casey uses a truly bizarre looking toy in this masturbation scene with a beady section stuck up her ass and a couple of small vibrating knobs that wrap perfectly around her clitoris. This may be of special interest to those that enjoy views of the clitoris as the vibrating knobs cause her hood to pull back with the exposed clitoris protruding out prominently. She appears to have at least three orgasms from this toy along with a few other twitches and reactions as the toy passes over her clitoris.

Cum Inside. ITC Favorite 6:29

Casey is one of the very few models that is able to actually have a real orgasm while her vagina is held wide open by a speculum. She holds a small white vibrator against her clitoris producing two orgasms, one in the full body view and the second as seen close up inside the speculum. You can clearly see her vagina muscles and cervix heaving with her orgasmic contractions. At the end the turns around to pose in a bend over position with her gaping vagina high in the air.