767 Tess Lyndon

768 Gina Devine

769 Breanne Benson

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Scrambled Legs. 10:51

With Gina casually walking back and forth in the house wearing a super short dress you cannot help but notice her shapely legs and slender form. Every time she sits down her dress is short enough that you get a nice little flash of the panties. Her legs are also really prominent as she lies back on the chair teasing with her legs in the air. In the second half we focus more on the panties with several low angle views followed by a brief bit of nudity at the end.

An Open Meat. 3:08

Gina wastes no time getting to the primary subject of interest here showing off her big thick pussy lips. There lots of pussy lip fiddling and some excellent pussy spreading with her vagina gaping wide open. The only negative is that it's maybe a bit too brief.

Sauntered House. 2:48

Gine walks back and forth in the apartment once again just like in the first clip but this time fully naked. Her figure is quite remarkable with a tiny waist and surprising curves for such a slender form.

An Overhead Squat. 8:43

We take some time to just soak in Gina's beautiful undercarriage as she squats backwards on the edge of the chair. Our view is from directly underneath as she virtually sits on your face and spreads her pussy and ass. Some of her butt squirming is like a little dance with beautiful curves undulating in sexy motions. In the last couple of minutes she poses lying on her side showing some fantastic spreads of her underside.

Pearl Jam. 10:11

Gina uses a long string of turquoise pearls as her sex toy performing some very sexy pussy flossing action. You'll love the way the pearls wrap around her bulging lips and also the way her lips wrap around the pearls when she flosses them deep through her pussy slit. She then stuffs the pearls up her ass and slowly pulls them out while lying on her side. Finally she moves to a bend over pose and stuffs the pearls up her ass and pulls them out one more time. It's all quite graphic and there's a nice bend over ass spread at the end.