768 Gina Devine

769 Breanne Benson

770 Lexi Bloom

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Bikini Sequins. 10:59

Breanne's bikini is made entirely of silver sequins and adds some sparkle to an already colorful and tropical scene. There's a little bit of walking to show her figure in motion but the main focus of this clip is on the strip tease. She remains standing for most of the time but lies down on her front on the deck chair in the last few minutes showing off her voluptuous ass curves. Near the end she pulls her bikini bottom down just under her ass giving a couple of minutes of bare pussy and ass crack views.

Benson Burner. 9:43

This is all naked pussy and ass worship with Breanne showing some very revealing poses lying on the deck chair. She looks really amazing lying on her back with her legs up and hugging her knees. The curves around her ass in this position are quite spectacular. She also shows off her assets while lying on her front, side and doggy style. Near the end she stands up to show some very nice underside views with her bare ass swaying around over top of you, including a front side low angle view.

Feet and Low. 1:46

This is a brief snippet just for the foot fetish people showing Breanne taking off her shoes and then focusing in on her bare feet. Most notable are her very nicely painted toe nails.

Stool in Pool. ITC Favorite 17:15

After some initial posing on the steps at the edge of the pool Breanne then moves into the middle of the pool to pose on a few submerged stools. Once again the content is entirely about just ogling and worshipping her beautiful figure and bare pussy and ass but now with her skin all wet and glistening in the sun. Her poses on the shallow stools are both elegant and revealing at the same time showing her amazing figure and allowing some great pussy and ass viewing. She has a few angles and poses that work amazingly well for her, especially lying on her back hugging her knees, lying on her side, and lying on her front while slowly wagging her big ass curves around. To say that her ass is prominent when lying on her front might be an understatement. The way that she stretches out lying on her front, legs together, arms out in front brings special attention to her crazy ass curves as she slowly waves it around in the air.

Shallow Yellow. 7:52

Breanne remains lying on her back in the shallow water on the submerged stools as she uses a small yellow toy in her pussy. There's several very nice little streams of pussy juice that flows out of her vagina, down through her ass crack and into the water. There's a little bit of pussy spreading at the end after she is done with the toy.