760 Cherie DeVille

761 Charley Monroe

762 Avril Hall

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Double Worshipper. ITC Favorite 16:54

You literally get twice as much girl in this strip tease video as almost the entire length of it is shot with Charley standing beside a large full length mirror. The mirror reflection allows you to see her profile both front and back at the same time and often with her ass and face right next to each other. Her figure is quite fantastic both in the front and back with a shapely torso and hips in front and a quite prominent rear end in back. Her white jean shorts are pulled up quite far encroaching up her ass crack with the lower ass cheeks hanging out the bottom. Then with the shorts off there's quite a substantial amount of panty views once again with the panties often partly wedged up her ass and the bare cheeks hanging out the bottom. You also see her sitting backwards on the chair with her ass hovering in mid air both with and later without the panties. The last several minutes are all nude poses in the standing and sitting positions. There are a few close up spread ass views however the primary attraction here focuses more on her beautiful figure and interesting perspectives.

Pink Dink in Sink. 11:35

Charley gets right up on the counter and uses a soft rubber dildo while sitting right inside a shallow sink. Some of it is slightly awkward as she gets to grips with the slippery toy and searches for a comfortable position. Otherwise it feature great lighting, crystal clear views and some excellent action once she gets going. The small knobby features on the toy make a nice gooey "stirring the macaroni" sound as the toy goes in and out of her pussy. There's some very nice close up pussy shots both with the toy and then again at the end with the toy gone.

The Hole Douche and Nothing but the Douche. 2:28

Charley amuses herself with a douche bottle while sitting on the edge of the sink. She fills up the bottle several times and squirts it up her pussy. You see the douching action both in full body view and right up close to her pussy.

Fair a Faucet. 4:45

Charley gets her pussy right under the faucet to rinse off in the running water in the sink. You also see her drying off while standing beside the counter at the end.