759 Miela

760 Cherie DeVille

761 Charley Monroe

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

She Stroll the Show. 9:54

Cherie wears a white see through dress with nothing on underneath in this video. She makes full use of a long walkway to show off her body in motion walking back and forth multiple times. You'll soon notice she has a butt plug up her ass right from the beginning and she walks around with the plug up her ass. At first she flirts with the dress flicking it around while she walks. Then later she tucks the dress up under her boobs which gives a great view of her entire lower half completely naked. There are a few excellent close up ass views showing her butt cheeks in motion. Towards the end she bends over on a chair and pulls out the plug and then continues her walkabout without the plug.

An Overcunt Day. 2:16

Now with Cherie standing beside the pool we venture directly underneath her dress for some naughty up skirt views. Since she is pantyless there's not much left to the imagination with only a short flowing dress flirting with your view. She even spreads everything open near the end with her vagina gaping right open.

Sheer DeVille. ITC Favorite 11:18

Cherie's see through dress becomes even more see through when she gets right in the pool while still wearing the dress. She becomes quite chatty in the first part of this clip, though less so later on. There's some amazing ass views as she crawls and floats around in the pool the her sheer dress fabric clinging to her ass and still showing everything that is underneath. The dress often floats right up over her ass showing some outstanding bare bottom views. This clip has almost constant ass worship with tons of excellent bend over poses and flirtatious tease mixed with plenty of bare ass ogling.

A Waterline Performance. 8:32

Now sitting on the step in shallow water Cherie gets busy with a little bit of finger masturbation with her pussy half submerged in the water. There is an unusual perspective from an underwater camera showing the submerged view and sometimes even the waterline view with the lens halfway in the water. There is a brief moment where you see her pussy juice come out in a cloud in the water. Later she changes to a bend over position on her knees giving a nice view of her ass squirming around while she rubs her pussy. It ends with an excellent bend over pussy and ass spread.

Crack Water Canyon. ITC Favorite 3:27

Cherie lies down on her front on the shallow step with her ass floating half out of the water. With her dress just over her ass she slowly jacks her ass up and down ever so slightly making the waterline flow up and down her ass crack. This clip has some of the best ass views with some very teasing, though understated action.

Urine the Drain Station. 0:55

Cherie takes a quick pee while bending over on her knees on the pool deck. She takes aim at a drain on the floor with a quite impressive stream of pee.

Lust and Fountain. 1:13

Cherie sits on the edge of a fountain and pees in a big arch while leaning back with her legs spread high in the air.