757 Victoria Rose

758 Rosemary Radeva

759 Miela

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Baring the White of the Whirled. 18:02

Rosemary's fresh white summery dress is short enough to give some very flirty sneak peeks up her dress. It naturally flares out, especially when she twirls around playfully, giving you a perfect view up her dress from below. She has a perfectly matched pair of white lace panties on underneath with a thong back baring her ass cheeks completely. The panties come off half way through leaving plenty of time to enjoy the sight of her flawless pussy. We get some really beautiful up skirt views once again without the panties including some very nice ass spreading. You might be surprised at how shapely such a slim girl can be when viewed from underneath. Rosemary's charming personality is quite evident at the frequent playful moments through this video.

Wheeze Number One. ITC Favorite 8:42

Rosemary uses a couple of different vibrating toys in this masturbation scene, each producing a slightly different result. The first toy makes her cream up a little bit with some beautiful little streams of juice running out of her vagina and down over her anus. However since it didn't make her squirt as she was trying to do she moves on to a more powerful vibrator which she just jams hard against her clitoris. You can see the insides of her vagina pressing almost right out of her pussy as she reacts to the vibrations. There's several excellent little squirts with each one coming as her pussy tries to turns itself inside out. Her moaning is so breathless she is almost wheezing as she reaches her squirting orgasms.

Bobs your Knuckle. 4:38

Rosemary tries to fist herself and you could say she is mildly successful. Her hand does not go in so easily but she eventually gets it in almost to her wrist while lying on her front.

End with a Splash. 1:14

Rosemary takes a quick dip in the pool only because it looked too tempting so we shot it. It's pretty brief and without much substance but perhaps interesting for those who like to see the girls not in acting mode.