681 Karlie Montana & Dani Daniels

682 Cherie DeVille

683 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Scene 1

Terrace Activity. ITC Favorite 21:52

Cherie livens up a pretty dull and cloudy day walking around a very large expansive deck wearing her beautiful form fitting purple skirt and a knitted top that is virtually non existent. Her lower curves really pop in the snug sexy skirt and her boobs easily show through and pop right out of her top as it does not button up. She does a little strip tease with the skirt and panties slowly coming off leaving the entire second half of this clip to just ogle her bare naked ass in motion. The attention remains focused on her ass through most of this clip with some really awesome ass spreading and lots of walking around on the deck. The extra spacious proportions of this deck give us lots of time to follow her walking ass for extended periods soaking in the view of her mounds in motion. Her posture is quite awesome, especially when she pauses to stick her ass out in your face and spread her cheeks open. Towards the end you can see the moistness in her vagina bubbling out as she spreads her bits.

Table of Cunt Tents. ITC Favorite 9:52

Cherie gets on top of the table and spends a good ten minutes just showing off her beautiful undercarriage with lots of various open leg and bend over poses. Her butt wobbling and spreading are absolutely delicious with a fantastic display of beautiful form in her pussy and ass area. She briefly pokes a finger in her ass but the main focus here is just on explicit spreading and getting the pretty places out in the open in the most revealing of positions. Near the end she squats upright on her knees showing some beautiful ass motion as she dances around over top of your face.

Slingshot Maneuver. 10:27

Cherie uses a two headed dildo for some double penetration masturbation action while lying on the table. There's no half hearted attempts here as she really gets it buried right up her pussy and her ass. Later she turns the toy around and sticks the lumpy beaded handle up her ass as far as it can go. She gets into a doggy style position and wags her ass around in the air with the double headed portion of the toy flapping in the air. She stuffs the beads in and out of her ass several times before ending with just fingers up her ass. It culminates with her sticking multiple fingers up her ass one by one and in groups eventually burying fours fingers up her ass almost fisting herself in the ass.