680 Kala Ferard

681 Karlie Montana & Dani Daniels

682 Cherie DeVille

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Smear Tactics. ITC Favorite 23:25

This video starts out with lots of casual banter and quickly progresses into massaging of oily glistening butts. There is no strip tease involved with this video as the girls are fully naked right from the start. The mood is very relaxed and casual with lots of witty conversation throughout. The girls entertain themselves by rubbing and bumping their ass cheeks together in several positions. There's also a really nice segment of oily boob rubbing with glistening boobs brushing against each other. You'll love how the nipples flick over each other with a subtle little jiggle. There's a rather inventive method of boob on ass massaging with Dani's tits brushing up and down Karlie's ass crack. She then turns around to a crab walk position and sits on Karlie ass to massage her butt to butt. This is a great video if you like watching fleshy feminine mounds squishing and squirming against each other in every manner imaginable along with lots of humorous and entertaining personality.

Buzzness Assistant. 8:41

The girls now take turns massaging their pussies with a heavy duty vibrator until they each come to a climax. The humorous banter still keeps on coming in several intervals between all the pussy vibrating. Karlie's masturbation looks great and she is quite funny while Dani's climax produces a quite visible glistening of pussy juice right in her vaginal opening.