668 Jessie Rogers

669 New Zealand Holiday (BTS)

670 Jenna J Ross

Shoot Location: New Zealand

This behind the scenes picture gallery features all the girls that joined us in New Zealand with tourist type pictures as the girls have some fun on their holiday. Some girls (Riley and Anikka) are featured more prominently here only because they were with us longer. Nothing here was particularly planned as a shoot with all impromptu shots, no professional lighting and sometimes little or no make up.

Scene 1

Road Spill. 2:27

Here's what happens when you are on the road a hundred kilometers from the next town and someone needs to pee. Riley needed to pee so they all decided to pee, right in the middle of the road. Riley and Anikka pee in a crab walk position and Cherie pees standing with her spread ass towards the camera. Cherie had literally just woken up.

Scene 2

Nude Zip. 1:06

Riley got to do the zip line for free since she did it naked. Her flirtations with the zip line attendant are quite amusing as she sashays down the stairs with obvious attempts to charm the somewhat embarrassed young fellow. This clip was shot on a small tourist camera and thus there is no 1920x1280 version. You can also see Anikka and Cherie's zip line experience in the pictures of this collection.

Scene 3

Hot Tub Hotties. 5:48

There's not much in the way of acting or posing in this clip other than a great line up of four floating butts with a somewhat close up look at each ass one by one. The rest of this clip is very casual with the girls just chatting and soaking in the sun.

Scene 4

Butts on a Boat. 1:12

This brief bit of candid footage shows the girls chilling out on a yacht harbour cruise in Auckland. While not deliberately posing for the camera, there is a pretty nice line up of four butts with the girls all lying on their fronts.