667 Nikky Thorne

668 Jessie Rogers

669 New Zealand Holiday (BTS)

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

A Stunning Booty. 15:00

This is almost entirely about the big booty tease as Jessie has some of the most voluptuous ass cheeks we have shot and not a hint of cellulite in her soft yet toned buttocks. Some of the full body shots have by coincidence an interesting reflection in the steel cabinet showing her awesome curves in duplicate. Towards the end she sits backwards on the chair with her big ass hanging out over the edge of the chair. There's some occasional butt wobbling and butt spreading. Finally we tuck your face right up her ass crack to inspect her anus at sniffing distance.

Suspended from Glass for being Cheeky. 10:55

With Jessie now completely naked she sits right up on the glass top dining table offering a very interesting and unique view from underneath. You see her butt cheeks getting flattened against the glass as she rocks back and forth on the glass. She simultaneously spreads her butt cheeks and pussy giving some quite graphic views from underneath. When she lies right down on her back her ass cheeks look especially big and voluptuous flattened against the glass. She later turns over onto her front and rubs her tits against the glass. The great majority of this clip is shot from underneath the glass.

My Lovely Lady Humps. 8:50

Jessie mounts and humps a suction dildo that is stuck to a small table. The good news is her enormous butt cheeks fill your field of view with beautiful wobbly ass flesh. The bad news is her pussy is so far buried up between her huge cheeks that you almost cant see it except for when she lifts off the dildo and spreads her cheeks. There is a pretty decent standing ass spread at the end with her vagina popping open.

Strident Bubble Bum. 7:54

This is what you have all been waiting to see Jessie doing. She gets her big ass curves moving as she repeatedly walks back and forth through the length of the room. There is a full length mirror at the far end of the room allowing you to see her from the front and back simultaneously while she walks, though from a distance. The couple of close up views are quite mesmerizing with big soft cheeks in full wiggle mode while she walks. Near the end she just stands on front of the mirror and wiggles her ass hands free while standing in one spot. With the mirror in this shot we get a great face shot and butt shot at the same time with her face right beside her ass. The full body views are slightly awkward as her walk is a little clumsy as if the shoes are too big, but the close up views of face and butt are pure gold with some of the most beautiful butt walking and wiggling we have shot to date.