665 Aleksa

666 Lena Nicole

667 Nikky Thorne

Shoot Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Scene 1

Playing the All Blacks. 16:16

Lena's all black dress, panty and shoes outfit is quite elegant with the super short hemline on her sweater dress offering some very nice views of her silky smooth butt cheeks. She spends quite a lot of time rolling around on top of the table with her dress hiked up showing off her beautiful form and teasing with the panties. The first few minutes of bare pussy are especially nice as the panties get peeled down her thighs just enough to expose the silky perfection within.

Full Back Position. 8:31

This is all fully nude posing on the table top with plenty of attention to graphic pussy and ass views. She is the girl with the most beautiful flawless skin and it is well displayed here in several positions. Her crab walk pose is especially nice with her flawless undercarriage dangling and squirming in your face.

Go Down to de Feet. 3:59

This clip is especially for foot fetishists as Lena removes her high heeled boots and then displays her bare feet by wiggling them around in the air. She does this while lying both on her back and her front and usually with her bare feet right up close in the foreground.

A Forward Pass. 4:59

Lena gets her pussy warmed up with a little bit of finger masturbation. There's probably no real orgasm to this but there is a good brisk pussy rubbing that is a lead up to the following toy action of the next clip.

Nice Try. 8:00

Lena uses a small vibrating toy with a tiny tip that she rubs all around her clitoris. Her clit actually starts to stand out a bit sometimes poking it's head out from under her hood as the toy flicks over it. It's unclear whether there really is an orgasm here but she puts on a very good show at the very least.

Scrum in the Bum. 5:50

Now with Lena lying on her side the toy makes it's way to her ass with the little pointy tip going right up her anus. The action is a lot more sedate now with excellent close up bum crack views showing her anus flexing in and out when she removes the toy. She later turns onto her front with her legs wide open and continues poking around up her ass with the toy.