664 Hayden Hawkens

665 Aleksa

666 Lena Nicole

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Scene 1

In Living Color. ITC Favorite 16:27

This Greek Island villa setting would be one of the most beautiful locations we have ever shot with a virtual explosion of amazing vibrant colors. Aleksa enters the scene wearing a fabulous form fitting dress that really accentuates the curves of her hips, thighs and buttocks. It is as if you can virtually undress her with your eyes while she is still fully dressed. Her form and posture are quite remarkable in both standing and sitting positions. Much of the first part is shot from the far side of the pool taking in the awesome surroundings and zooming in from a distance. We then go up close to admire the pretty bits as she starts removing her dress and panties. The last five minutes of this clip is mostly all explicit nude pussy and ass views with some spreading from behind and bend over positions. You don't see her eyes so often in this video as the brightness of the set dictates that she has to wear sunglasses.

She Likes Big White Decks. 9:22

Our shooting angle is reversed now to take in the fantastic background scenery while Aleksa continues posing nude near the edge of the pool. The first half of this is relatively softcore with elegant poses while the second half shows more graphic open leg and bend over poses that reveal all the feminine bits.

You're doing it all Dong. 10:21

Aleksa uses a long pink floppy rubber dildo while leaning back in a chair. She also fucks herself with the dildo while bending over on her knees and lying on the concrete deck. The penetration action is probably not the most compelling here as the toy sometimes appears to not want to go in.

Whiz on White. 0:44

Aleksa takes a quick pee while leaning back on the edge of the pool. Her pee stream is pretty thick and splattered as her pussy lips fan it out a little bit.