632 Blue Angel & Aleksa

633 Nikky Thorne

634 Riley Reid

Shoot Location: Palau, Micronesia

This girl seems to love the beach as she is constantly getting the sand all up in her crack and apparently loving what most other girls would find irritating. The setting is in one of the most beautiful and remote places in the world with no one around for miles.

Scene 1

Breaded Chick 'n Strips. 11:25

Nikky spends pretty much the entire duration of this strip tease video sensually rolling around on the beach and getting completely caked in sand. Even the inside of her bikini bottom gets packed with sand filling every crack and crevasse. We spend most of the time watching her bikini bottom tease but the last couple of minutes also show her bare pussy and ass completely caked in sand. The scene is dominated by beautiful blue colors in the water, sky and her blue striped bikini.

Buoyant you Cheeky. ITC Favorite 7:55

Nikky takes to the water to rinse all the sand off her body and she puts on a beautiful ass display with her butt bobbing around in the calm shallow water. She stays on her front, crawling around and bending over most of the time with her ass floating up and down in the waterline. It's a gorgeous display for those who love bottoms up and bend over ass ogling.

Sandy Scamper. 2:16

This is a brief interlude with Nikky back on the beach frolicking around and doing some yoga type posing in the sand. It's not particularly graphic but shows some nice personality and takes in much of the beautiful surrounding scenery.

This is Friggin' Grit. 9:59

Nikky gets down on the sand and starts to masturbate using just her fingers. There's a couple of moments with nice creamy juices running out of her vagina which appears to be sea water mixed with pussy juice. Most models at this point would be ultra careful not to get sand in their privates but Nikky is the complete opposite often deliberately plastering her pussy with sand and masturbating with abandon. Both her pussy and her ass get an enthusiastic finger fucking with sand getting in everywhere. Her pussy frigging becomes quite frantic at times, completely ignoring all the sand and grit that is getting packed up her vagina and ass. She even grabs a fistful of sand and packs it against her pussy rubbing it in. Without a doubt there's not even a hint of princess in this girl as she performs like a trooper under all circumstances.

Crack Rinse. 5:18

Nikky crawls back into the water to get all the sand rinsed out of her crack. This is quite similar to the "Buoyant you Cheeky" clip above with more bend over floating ass views again. You can actually see sand coming out of her ass hole when she pulls her finger out of her ass. There's some minor focus issues at times in this footage.

Urine the Waves. 1:10

Nikky takes a pee while sitting in the edge of the tiny waves. It's some beautiful footage thought there is some equipment in the picture due to the fact we were shooting blind without the use of a water damaged viewfinder.

Scene 2

She's out Sand Dink. ITC Favorite 14:45

Now on a different beach later in the day Nikky has a masturbation session with a big pink dildo. The late day sun and reflected light provide some outstanding lighting for this scene. Once again she is apparently impervious to the sand that gets in her pussy and ass along with the dildo. If anything a little lack of lubrication sometimes keeps her from getting too deep with the toy penetration. She has a brave go at stuffing the huge toy up her ass before returning to the pussy action. At the end she goes in the water and rolls around in the water to get the sand off and then crawls out onto the beach to give you one last spread ass view.