631 Bianca Arden

632 Blue Angel & Aleksa

633 Nikky Thorne

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Scene 1

Panty Lickers. 16:53

Blue Angel and Aleksa initially spend some time rubbing up against each other and then get into the lesbian action even before they are completely naked. They both take a turn at licking the bulge in each other's panty crotch with the panties still on. These girls are both super flexible as can be seen when they stand with one leg raised straight up fully over their heads. After quite a bit of panty tease the last 5 minutes is all naked pussy licking with the girls still standing in the corner of the room.

I Licked what I see. 17:03

The girls move to the bed for some more involved pussy and ass licking action. Foot lovers may find the initial brief shoe removal and foot licking to be arousing. Moving on to the pussy and ass action, Blue Angel is quite deliberate in sucking Aleksa's inner pussy lips right up into her mouth. She's also not shy about digging her tongue up into Aleksa's anus while she rubs her pussy. Aleksa then returns the favour in quite similar fashion sucking on her pussy lips and licking her ass hole. Finally the girls get into a scissors position to rub their pussies together.

Scene 2

Greece Lighting. 11:19

Now outdoors the girls give each other a greasy butt massage in the "golden hour" with the late day sun casting a nice golden light on their glistening skin. There's plenty of beautiful views of gorgeous butts being massaged and a fantastic scenic background of the Santorini caldera. After some sensual butt massaging the mood turns a little more imaginative and playful in the second half. With Blue Angel lying on her front Aleksa squats on top of her crab walk style and the girls rub their asses together with four greasy butt cheeks all sliding and slithering against each other. They then stand up back to back and continue squirming their asses against each other. You get a unique perspective on this looking up at their asses from directly below.