612 Nikky Thorne & Nomi Melone

613 Lexi Bloom

614 Erica Fontes

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

Bloom with a View. 13:45

Lexi takes her time getting out of her snug fitting white dress with lots of boob fondling and panty ogling along the way. The strip tease is somewhat generic though the country lodge background is certainly interesting. The last couple of minutes have a very nice bare pussy and ass spread while she lies on her side.

Lexi Inside. 10:08

Now wearing nothing but her shoes Lexi spends most of this clip just spreading her pussy and ass in your face. She does this both lying on her side and bending over doggy style. You get a beautiful view as she squats backwards almost sitting on your face. Finally lying on her front you get an awesome close up view up her gorgeous ass crack.

Does it Cum in Lodge? ITC Favorite 7:50

Lexi is certainly one of the best masturbators on the site as is evident in this vibrator scene. She starts out pretty calm and slow but it gradually increases in intensity leaving little doubt about her genuine arousal and an intense orgasm. She frequently dabbles her fingers in her vagina giving some nice vagina views while the toy works her clitoris. There's also an excellent vagina spread at the end after she is finished with the toy.

Ass Toyed Impact on Your Anus. 7:30

Lexi now spends some time dabbling the toy in her ass hole while lying on her side and also bending over doggy style. You will be struck by the excellent clarity around her pussy lips with every little detail glistening in the light. She takes it very slow for quite a long time but later starts rubbing her pussy at the same time as she fucks her ass with the toy.

Lexi what's Outside. 7:03

We follow Lexi outside to explore around the very scenic surroundings of this New Zealand countryside lodge. Much of the time she just poses but she also walks around, does a few cartwheels and ends up jumping on the trampoline.