611 Yvette

612 Nikky Thorne & Nomi Melone

613 Lexi Bloom

Shoot Location: Palau, Micronesia

Scene 1

Pair o' Palau Pleasers. 38:06

Nikky and Nomi spend this entire video exploring around the around the area of this remote beach and exploring each other's bodies. There's isn't exactly a strip tease "portion" or a lesbian "portion" of the video because it is all mixed throughout the video. They play with each other squirting water and stripping, then explore around the beach, then lick pussy and ass for a while and then explore around again before eating each other's pussy and ass again. You may have some trouble hearing their voices at times in the first few minutes of this video as we had a microphone a little too far away. They spend pretty much this entire video in the water. These girls are a bit more adventurous than most models as they venture off in the deep water into a small cavern in the cliff and get busy with a bit of lesbian action in the edge of the splashing water. They get distracted with climbing around on the cliff for a while which provides some nice up the ass views. Finally back at the beach Nikky poses with her ass up out of the water for a little pussy and ass licking treatment.