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Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Rep.

As Satin has one of the best butts on the site we decided to give it lots of attention in this video with our focus never drifting very far away from her glorious ass. All of these clips could be favourites if ass is your thing.

Scene 1

Chocolate Covered all Mounds. 17:31

Satin wears a great pair of tight shorts which she pulls up high giving herself a wedgy with her butt cheeks spilling out the bottom. She then teasingly pulls her shorts down just under her ass and it's butt cheek heaven with her little thong buried deep between her fleshy mounds. She bends over on the bed and proceeds to floss her pussy slit and ass crack with her thong before pulling the thong aside to reveal everything. There's a brief interlude of boob play and then we get back to worshipping her ass with lots of thong teasing and some bare ass spreading mixed in.

She Satin your Face. 11:44

With Satin now fully nude she spends some time showing off her fantastic underside while standing directly over top of you. There's tons of great views looking straight up her pussy and ass from below with a sexy slow squirming enhancing the view. You also see her bending over with her ass up and then squatting down as if to site on your face. Near the end there's an extreme close up view right in her ass crack with her anus flexing in and out. It is virtually non stop pussy and ass ogling throughout this entire clip.

Somewhere between Satin and your Anus. ITC Favorite 10:29

Satin's anal scene starts out with just fingers dabbling in her ass hole and then she progresses to a glass dildo and then finally a huge rubber dildo which she buries up her ass like a pro. Her position lying on her side shows off her big wide ass curves beautifully. There's some excellent ass hole flexing when the glass dildo comes out of her ass. Her anus even gapes right open as she flexes her hole open and closed. In the later portion Satin gets her ass up in the air to stuff her ass with the big rubber dildo and frequently pulls it all the way out to show her big gaping ass hole. The anus flexing is impressive with the added sound effects of her anus opening up really wide and gaping in air.