596 Nikky Thorne

597 Bernice

598 Satin Bloom

Shoot Location: Palau, Micronesia

Scene 1

Coves in all the right Places. ITC Favorite 21:29

This may be one of the most unique and exotic locations we have shot to date with Bernice posing in a secluded cove in the rock Islands of Palau. Her one piece bathing suite is especially nice and her crawling action is superb. After the bathing suite comes off she spends a considerable amount of time caking herself with sand and then she crawls around on the beach again. She takes a short walk to the other end of the beach giving a nice view of her ass in motion. The last couple of minutes shows Bernice standing out in the knee deep water just posing to display her awesome nude figure.

Nice Fuck 'n Beach. 5:08

Bernice leans back on the fine sand of the beach to use her big pink dildo. The backdrop is quite exotic with lush jungle spilling out over the beach and small waves. The quality of light and colors is quite spectacular and the pussy and ass on display are not far behind.

Plaster of Pear Ass. 2:50

Bernice walks up and down the beach to display her beautiful figure in motion. There's a nice close up view of her ass in motion as we follow close behind her. The camera work is a little substandard in this clip as we had to manually compensate for a salt water damaged camera.