572 Blue Angel

573 Kala Ferard

574 Nomi Melone

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

Scene 1

Positano Poser. 10:37

The first few minutes of this clip are really quite tame with Kala wearing her purple dress outdoors allowing us to take in the scenic backdrop of this beautiful Italian cliffside town as much as the model. She then proceeds indoors and poses and strips on the staircase. There's not a lot of full nudity yet though she does look particularly elegant in the surroundings and she flashes a really nice smile from time to time.

Get your Butt up Stares. 5:04

With Kala now fully naked we go down under her bare pussy and ass to check out her sexy underside while she slowly squirms and sometimes spreads her cheeks. You see both the front and back side views from almost directly underneath. In the last couple of minutes she stands with one knees up on the banister while spreading her butt open so that her vagina gapes.

Step it up a Snatch. 12:46

Kala gets down on the stairs and does some brief posing before gradually getting into some masturbation. At first she dabbles her clitoris with just one finger and then later progresses to a vibrating dildo. It is interesting to see how her eyes roll back in her head as she becomes more aroused.

I Pried Myself on Decent see. 4:58

Kala uses a couple of fingers to pry her pussy open. Some of this has her fingers a little bit too much in the way but after we get right in super close there are some excellent open vagina views.

Stairing her Up and Down. 4:00

We shot this specifically for those that like to see the feminine form in motion. Kala poses fully nude on the stair and walks up and down the stairs a number of times. The set is perhaps not large enough for her to get a great wiggle going. Her nice form is probably the main attraction here as she strikes some very nice poses between moving from the top and bottom of the stairs.