571 Niky

572 Blue Angel

573 Kala Ferard

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Scene 1

Caldera Derrière. ITC Favorite 20:31

Blue Angel's Jacuzzi scene overlooks a fantastic backdrop view of the volcanic caldera of Santorini. The vibrant blue colors and lighting are really outstanding. At first there's a nice bit of butt squirming with the bikini bottom on followed by a little bit of naked boob fondling. Before long she gets completely naked and goes into the jacuzzi to pose in the water. There's lots of excellent wet ass views as she bobs her ass in the water, spreads it and float her ass in the water line. She has a uniquely open and shapely ass crack that begs for a thorough ogling. Some of the camera angles are very interesting taking in both the scenic surroundings and her excellent form in various positions.

Vibrant Blue. 10:25

Blue Angel uses a small blue vibrator while lying on her back on the edge of the jacuzzi. There's also some nice positions lying on her side and then on her knees with her ass in the air before she returns to lie on her back to finish it off. Much of the time the skinny tip of the vibrator just slides through the slit of her pussy and jams against her clitoris. At the critical moment of orgasm she clinches her legs together which unfortunately blocks some of the view, though you do see some nice detailed anus clenching after the orgasm.

Humpy Stump Tease Sat on a Wall. 7:27

Blue Angel sits on the wall at the edge of the jacuzzi and fists herself with impressive ease. Her entire hand disappears up her pussy to the wrist making her look a bit like an amputee at times. She actually gets some decent motion going with her entire hand genuinely fucking her pussy. There's some four finger pussy spreading at the end though the lighting for this was not quite at the ideal angle.

Slip in Greece. 0:53

This blooper snippet is just a brief outtake from the fisting scene above. Blue Angle had a bit of a mishap while shooting this scene.