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Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Lola can best be described as pure youthful perfection. Everything is immaculate with clear skin, voluptuous yet tight ass cheeks, a stunningly pretty pussy and the face of an angel. Any one of these clips might have been considered inthecrack favourites for different reasons

Scene 1

Sheer Pressure. 19:22

Lola has the look of a real angel faced beauty with sophistication and elegance in her classy black dress with black sheer pantyhose. The pantyhose have no crotch lining offering a completely see through view of all the pretty places under the sheer fabric. You will be enthralled with the perfection of her gorgeous ass as she wags it slowly in your face. There's some excellent face shots mixed in with some nice eye contact. In the last 5 minutes she wears her pantyhose down around her thighs revealing her immaculate ass and pussy with some very nice bend over ass spreading and squatting over top of your face.

Holesome Goods. ITC Favorite 8:06

Lola still wears her pantyhose around her thighs while leaning back on the couch with her legs in the air and her bare pussy and ass out in the open. Her position is super sexy and revealing. We get right in close to admire her super tidy and flawless pussy while she spreads it open. Her pussy lip spreading is exceptionally nice with her vagina gaping quite wide and her fingers well enough away to not block the view. She then turns onto her side in a fantastic position to display her awesome shape and get her pussy and ass out in the open. It's a visual feast of beautiful curves and gaping vagina.

Drop it like it's Hot. 6:29

Lola stands up with her ass in your face for a fantastic ass show with lots of butt spreading and jiggly butt bouncing. She moves quite slowly in a manner that is easy for the eyes to follow as she repeatedly spreads and drops her ass cheeks in your face.

Dinking out Loud. 8:21

Lola uses a very large rubber dildo that looks like it should not fit in such a tight and youthful girl. She frequently pulls the dildo all the way out of her pussy between strokes revealing a gaping vagina each and every time. There's some very interesting sounds affects from the dildo going in and out of her vagina so turn up the volume to enjoy the gooey sound of her pussy getting fucked. Her position lying on her side is especially nice with her ass projecting out and her open pussy out in the open. There is no climax to this action and yet the action is quite fantastic regardless. After she is done with the dildo she takes some time to just spread her pussy for inspection.

Downsize the Buzzness. ITC Favorite 6:27

Lola switches to a tiny vibrating toy with the vibrating tip massaging her clitoris and dabbling in the entrance of her vagina. She puts her feet on the floor with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch giving an awesome angle and position for pussy and ass ogling. Her amazing ass squirms beautifully with gorgeous curves undulating right in front of your face. There's not likely any real orgasm in this but the visual aspects of this clip are really stunning.