563 Rosemary Radeva

564 Victoria Sweet

565 Lola

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Rep.

Victoria sometimes lacks something in passion and conviction but makes up for it with her smooth virtually flawless skin, pretty girlie parts and youthful look.

Scene 1

Sweet Strip Teen. 11:53

Much of this strip tease video is perhaps a little bit uneventful though she looks especially nice in the last few minutes with her panties pulled down around her thighs and all her pretty bits out in the open.

Victoria's Sweet Crack. 12:42

With the panties now gone we engage in lots of non stop bare pussy and ass ogling. There's lots of bend over posing and squatting with her pussy and ass hovering over your face. She quite often wraps her hands around behind her ass to spread everything open with her vagina opening up into a dark gaping cavern. Then lying on her front with her hands still spreading it from behind and we get an excellent close up view right in her gaping vagina. All the rippling details of her vagina walls are seen in crystal clarity in this last part.

Sweet Fuckin' Moves. 10:06

Victoria leans back on the bed to use her decorative vibrating dildo. There are some nice views of open pussy every time the toy comes out of her pussy. She does gather some momentum and enthusiasm in the action towards then end, though the open pussy views may be of more interest than the action here.

The Beaded Clam. 10:20

Victoria fiddles around with a long string of pearls repeatedly stuffing a few of them up her vagina and pulling them out. Then while lying on her side she flosses her pussy slit with the long string of pearls completely disappearing between her lips as they slide through. Her flawless undercarriage is really pretty with the pearls sliding through it, though the action is somewhat lacking.

Scene 2

The Pee Pool of Prague. 1:52

Victoria takes a pee while squatting on a roof top patio with the skyline of Prague in the background.