552 Lexa

553 Lexa

554 Aiden Ashley

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Lighting and focus are sometimes marginally suspect in this video though not enough to impede a good ass ogling.

Scene 1

At the Booty Spa. 15:55

Lexa strips out of her matching bra and panty beside the pool. We get many of our typical angles but the majority of this clip focuses on her amazing rear end in various positions with most of it being fully nude. There's some beautiful bend over posing and spreading from behind. We spend a good amount of time just exploring her ass while she lies on her front. The close up ass crack shots give the sense that you are right there just inches from her gorgeous canyon.

A Wet Czech Chick could Check Dick. 10:27

This clip starts of with a bang showing Lexa walking around the pool and looking super sexy. Her swaying hips and ass are like poetry in motion. Admittedly we should have shot this longer but she soon gets in the pool for a swim around. It's quite evident that she has a good time swimming around in the pool with some occasional giggling and playfulness. She kneels up on the step at the far side of the pool and bends over to wag her ass at you with a flirty glance back at you. You spend the last few minutes right in the pool with her, first while she bends over and wags her ass in your face and then while she just swims around.